A creative design, web and marketing company made up of dependable people who you might even like to share a drink with.
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Located in Temple Bar

Our work has taken us from the devastation of earthquake hit Haiti to literary festivals curated by Alliance Francaise. We design campaigns for bikes in Dublin City to international conferences on sustainable development and resilient cities.

We build apps, design graphs, build charts, edit text, create templates, write copy. We do radio and online, print and web. We polish, perfect, dissect and interpret imagery and information.

At Foundry we make things, create things, update things. We think of things for our clients that will sell, inform, involve and stimulate.


What we do..

Blog it, Flicker, Facebook, Twitter
Brand, design, make things slicker
Strategic thinking and position
Structure, vision, brand ambition
Copywrite, conceptualise it
name it, plan it, show, exhibit
Draw it, shoot it, scan it, package
post it, host it, brand unlock it

Website Design

At Foundry we build responsive websites (desktop/tablet/mobile) that build your brand online. We work with our clients to deliver well designed and considered sites that engage your audience in a meaningful and user friendly manner.


Design for Print

Everybody loves a piece of print. The smell, the touch, the tactile nature of paper all create an immersive experience. Something printed carries a certain gravitas. It says "this is important and is deserving of your attention. This is a thing of beauty. I cared enough to create this for you."

Print is a beautiful part of the marketing mix still worthy of attention. At Foundry we celebrate the old as much as we embrace the new.

Art Direction

Great photoshoots, conceptually driven beautifully styled, on budget, in time, retouched and inspiring. We have worked for Magee clothing, Newbridge Silverware and Dundrum Town Centre.


Web Analytics

We want to take a closer look at how your website is performing using web analytics

Whether you are a content publisher, offering online information and support, developing leads, an ecommerce site or brand building: accessible, reliable, holistic and near real time analytics will help you understand how your website is performing.

At Foundry we analyze and interpret your website data to enable you to make effective business decisions about what you should be doing online to connect with your customers.

Digital Marketing

It's what we call "Flat Pack Marketing". It's about taking all of the wonderful digital tools and solutions that are available to us today and creating a digital marketing presence for our clients.

From native advertising to display, content marketing to managing the social sphere. Adwords to Analytics, at Foundry we are always looking to see how we can leverage all the opportunity available to create a great brand presence.


follow @Foundry_Digital on twitter

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Here at Foundry we make things, create things, update things.

We think of things for our clients that will sell, inform, involve and stimulate.

Graphic design to web work, marketing to strategy and anything else that is fun and invigorating.


Landline: +353 1 635 1977
Mobile: +353 86 172 5576
Email: info@foundry.ie


2nd Floor
80 Dame Street
Dublin 2